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The beginnings of The Door Fellowship

Who is The Door Fellowship

The Bible states, "without a vision my people will perish." In 1963, before Pastor Margaret and I were married, God gave my wife a vision while we were in my father-in-law's church on 4th Street in Williamsport, PA. In the vision my wife and I were on a platform and before us a large auditorium filled with mostly young people. She noticed the floors were sloping toward the platform and she felt we were in a theatre.

An early home of The Door

A few years later Harry Ulmer had a dream, very similar to the vision of Pastor Margaret, and he saw a building that he described as a theatre. In his dream he saw the name, "The Rialto", on the front of the structure . You will notice these words are inscribed in stone on the front of our present building. The Bible also says that "God watches over His word to perform it", and in our case He did just that.

The Door Fellowship started in 1969 with Pastor Wayne Holcomb holding meetings in Harry Ulmer's basement in Quiggleville, ten miles out of Williamsport. At the time we were ministering to a lot of the so-called "hippies" and saw them as well as other young people, saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

An early home of The Door

We outgrew the basement and moved into Williamsport, rented several different buildings, then bought a church on George Street in 1974. At the same time God began moving on the college campuses of Lycoming, Penn College, and Lock Haven. We saw many students saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. In 1980 we purchased our present property (the former Rialto Theater) and after major renovations, began holding services here in 1984. This was the fulfillment of the vision was given to Pastor Margaret Holcomb in 1963.

The Rialto

Our goal is to see souls saved, get discipled and released into ministry either within our local church or sent out to establish other works. We also try to make ourselves and our material available to other ministries with no strings attached. Our goal is to serve the Body of Christ.

Pastor Wayne Holcomb